How to Write a Blog Post Title in the Right Case

When you write an blog article you often wonder what is the proper way to format your title. There are many different writing styles used within the online community, however there are styles that are commonly used when writing blog title, the title case, the sentence case and the all capital case. Title Case This […]

Dashes, Underscore or Nothing in a URL

When registering a domain name a lot of people are wondering if a dash, hyphen or minus sign would affect their search engine ranking compared to a domain name without. Similar questions are asked when creating a webpage and people are asking them self if they can put a dash in a domain name or […]

Limit or Disable WordPress Revisions

A handy feature of WordPress is that it keeps revisions of your blog posts and pages, giving you the option to revise your current post to a previous version. WordPress stores a version of the article you are writing into a “revision” each time you do a preview. So lets say you’ve previewed your document […]

Optimising your WordPress Database

The database behind your WordPress website is the “brain” if your website, it stores all your settings, pages, blog posts, links, user information, references to your images and much more. Your WordPress website uses a MySQL database which is powerful enough to serve all your data but if you treat the database incorrectly and do […]

Stop Users from Sharing their WordPress Login Credentials

By default users can login into WordPress at the same time from multiple locations. When you have a membership website this can hurt your profit because users can share their credentials with each other and pay for just one subscription. Fortunately we can stop this with a simple plugin. WordPress and User Sessions Before fighting […]

Migrating emails between servers using IMAP

I recently was asked if it was possible to migrate emails from and old server to a new server. Unfortunately, to my knowledge this is not possible unless you migrate the emails manually. The easiest method of transferring emails from one server to another is by using matching IMAP email accounts in your local email […]

Podcast Gate

I was recently asked to help out by setting up a podcast and have it integrated in a website. Pretty straight forward you would say… so here is the environment I started out with: A standard WordPress website with a default, clean theme installed; Some audio files in MP3 format; A burberry account; Blurberry their […]

Growth Hacking LinkedIn

When you are a startup you are hustling around to get noticed by journalist and potential customers. A great place to find these are LinkedIn. Where LinkedIn comes short is actually connecting with those people because nobody is actually reading messages send to LinkedIn messaging platform InMail, even if you do your message box is […]

How To Find The Most Popular Pages On A Website

I’ve recently read a question where someone asked on how to find the most popular pages on a website. Knowing what pages are popular can give you a lot of useful information when you’re doing research for a niche, if you know what pages or products do well on your competitors website they basically open […]

Mailto Link Explained

It’s often very useful to have create a link on your website that when clicked on open a new outgoing email message, for example when you create a “contact us” button. Such link is created using the <a> html tag and the mailto URL scheme. In its most basic and commonly used form the mailto […]