When you are a startup you are hustling around to get noticed by journalist and potential customers. A great place to find these are LinkedIn. Where LinkedIn comes short is actually connecting with those people because nobody is actually reading messages send to LinkedIn messaging platform InMail, even if you do your message box is most likely filled with messages from recruiters. But fortunately there are some nice solutions around this:

Let’s Make Email Hunter And ReplyApp.io Work Together

Using the Chrome extension Email Hunter you will find anybody’s email address from their LinkedIn profile. It work 100% of the time but it’s should get you some email addresses to start with.

Once you’ve identified a person you want to contact with then with a touch of a button we’ll have their email (well most of the time). That’s where ReplyApp.io comes in.

ReplyApp.io automates your sales outreach. Essentially you can pre-write follow-up emails that are sent only if you don’t get a reply. With all the time you save not having to follow people up, it will feel like your sales team has been multiplied by 2 or 3.

Lets Automate Some

Profile Hopper is a Chrome extension that automatically visit LinkedIn profiles of our target customers. The cool thing here is that LinkedIn notifies people that you’ve visited them. We humans are curious creatures and generally visit back/check out our LinkedIn profile, website/etc.