I’ve recently read a question where someone asked on how to find the most popular pages on a website. Knowing what pages are popular can give you a lot of useful information when you’re doing research for a niche, if you know what pages or products do well on your competitors website they basically open the backdoor and allow you to peak into their kitchen.

Obvious we do not have access to the analytics software installed on the website you want to analyse so we need to use some alternative loops to find out which page or product is popular on a website. Thanks to social media (Twitter, Facebook) we can find out how much certain content is shared with the masses giving us a the first clear indicator how popular a page is.

Google Search Result With Social Media Stats

The website Google With Social Stats located at http://ctrlq.org/google/ does exactly what the website names says it will do. A search box on the site allows you to enter your search criteria, just like on Google their page. Once the query is executed you receive the search result together with e.g. the amount of Facebook likes and shares, Twitter tweets, etc.

A power tip is when you use the Google command site: to get back indexed pages on a site. Example: site:cnn.com it will return you a list of pages ranked based on Google their ranking system together with the social media interactions on the page.

How Popular Is A Specific Page

If you want to find out how popular a specific page is on a website that head over to http://www.sharedcount.com. Enter your URL and press the GO button and you’ll receive information such as the number of likes, shares and comments a page got from Facebook, how many votes on Google Plus, pin’s on Pinterest and shares on LinkedIn.

Find The Key Influencers To Promote Your Content

The guys and girls from buzzsumo, located at http://buzzsumo.com made a great tool to find the key influences in your market. This tool can also be used to give you some idea what pages perform well on a domain in regards to interaction on social media.

Go to http://buzzsumo.com and enter a keyword or website domain in the search box and let it go. Once the result appears you’ll see social media share stats such as Facebook shares, LinkedIn shares, Twitter shares, etc. as well as other filters such as show the site statistics of the last 24 hours, all the time, etc. One interesting option is the amount of total shares on social media and the option to sort on this giving you the possibility to see most popular pages on the given domain.