Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Social media platforms are great to bring your brand to the masses. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest are great platforms allowing you to share besides the standard text message also photos, giving your followers another reason to share your brand… the only problem is that each social media website uses a different image. Sharing the correct image size (height and width) with your followers is crucial because it will not cut off, give any distortion to the image and presents an as high quality image to your followers.

I’ve created a guide to help you with finding the correct image size for your post on your favorite social media platform. If you want a copy of the guide enter your name and email address and I’ll email it to you right away.

Cover Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

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Optimising your WordPress Database

WordPressThe database behind your WordPress website is the “brain” if your website, it stores all your settings, pages, blog posts, links, user information, references to your images and much more.

Your WordPress website uses a MySQL database which is powerful enough to serve all your data but if you treat the database incorrectly and do not maintain it then the database will grow and get fat and bloated which will result that your WordPress might slow down. [Read more…]

Limit or Disable WordPress Revisions

WordPressA handy feature of WordPress is that it keeps revisions of your blog posts and pages, giving you the option to revise your current post to a previous version. WordPress stores a version of the article you are writing into a “revision” each time you do a preview. So lets say you’ve previewed your document 7 times which means you end up having 8 records (7 revisions and the final article) stored into your WordPress database. Now lets assume you have a WordPress page that is 2 years old, every week you write two articles this ends up to 1664 records in your database of which 208 are actually used this means that 1456 records are just sitting on your database doing “nothing” besides slowing down things. [Read more…]